How Does Mold Growth Occur and What Should You Do?

How Does Mold Growth Occur and What Should You Do?

Mold is a hazardous material that can form inside your home. Mold causes respiratory illnesses and can make your family very ill. If you see water stains or have a musty smell in your home, you most likely have mold growth. Below, A&R Environmental will discuss the ways that mold growth occurs and how you can avoid it.

Water Damages

The main cause of mold growth is from water damages. If you had flooding in your property that was not restored by a professional, water was likely left behind. Mold only needs a small amount of water to grow. Once mold begins to grow, it will breed quickly and spread to other parts of your home.


Areas with humidity can also cause mold to grow. Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most common areas to have mold growth. Parts of your home where heat and moisture occur are the perfect breeding ground for mold growth.


Roof leaks or leaks from pipes that are not found quickly will allow mold to grow out of control. Many people do not notice small roof leaks or minor leaks from pipes until they begin to see mold stains and realize there is a problem.

If you have noticed mold stains or a musty smell, call a professional such as A&R Environmental. Mold is dangerous and should be removed only by professional that have the proper tools for safe and thorough mold removal. Mold and the affected areas must be fully removed and replaced. Once removed, the area must be cleaned and sanitized so that all mold spores are killed.

If all mold is not removed, it will begin to breed and grow out of control again. If your property does have mold stains, it is important that you call a professional to check your entire property for mold growth, as it can spread to other areas easily.

Air Duct Cleaning & Dust Removal

Air Duct Cleaning & Dust Removal

Your air ducts are a key part of your HVAC system and the air quality inside your home or business. Your air ducts transport air throughout your property, keeping the area comfortable, but did you know air ducts attract dust and other contaminants? Even with an air filter, dust and other debris still enter your air ducts. Air duct cleaning is an essential part of your HVAC maintenance. Below, we will consider the reasons you should have your air ducts cleaned, and all dust removed.

Higher Energy Bills

If dust and dirt restrict your HVAC systems heating and cooling, it will cause the system to overwork itself. It will not be able to heat or cool properly, meaning it will keep running, as it tries to keep the temperatures where you want them. This not only increases your energy bill, but it puts stress on your HVAC system, meaning it may need frequent repairs.

Longer Run Times Means More Wear and Tear

With the airflow restricted from the dirt and dust your HVAC system kicks into overtime. All of this extra run time leads to damaged pumps, compressors, burners, hydro pumps, and motor bearings. All of these parts can be quite costly.

Dust and Other Allergens

Dirt and dust are not the only things that can become trapped in your air ducts. Pet dander, dead skin, pollen, spores, rodent fees, and even microorganisms from kitty litter can become trapped in your ducts. This leads to a very unhealthy air quality inside your home. If you are noticing your family having more allergy symptoms or becoming ill easier, it could be your air ducts need cleaning. Air duct cleaning may improve allergy symptoms.

As you can see, there are countless reasons to have your air ducts cleaned and all dust and other debris removed. Not only can it make you ill, but it can also become costly with higher energy bills and worn out HVAC parts. If you are wanting to have your air ducts cleaned, make sure you hire a certified professional such as A&R Environmental for all your air duct cleaning needs.

Mold Removal/Remediation – The Importance

Mold Removal/Remediation – The Importance

Mold growth can occur at all times of the year, but Summertime is the prime time for mold to breed and grow. Mold needs a warm and damp area to grow. Mold generally grows from water damages or condensation. Crawlspaces, attics, and basements are common places for mold growth. You will also see mold stains in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms because of the humidity that can happen in those areas. Below, A&R Environmental will discuss mold removal and remediation for properties.

Mold Removal and Remediation

Water stains and a musty smell in your home is the number one indication that you have a mold problem, but how should you approach it? It is crucial that you always call a certified mold removal specialist to check your home or business for mold. If mold is found on the property, it will need to be removed. Mold remediation should never be completed without the proper licenses and equipment. Mold can cause severe respiratory illnesses and, if not completed removed, will continue to grow and cause problems.

Mold removal is a complex job, as all areas that have mold growth will need to be removed and replaced. Once those areas are mold-free special anti-microbial sprays will be used to ensure mold does not grow back in those areas. It is important that you find the source of the mold growth since mold needs water to grow. Many times, it is from a roof leak or water damages that occurred and was not entirely removed. If there is a leak, it will need to be repaired so that no more damages or mold can grow. If your property has mold, it is important that you call a mold professional for removal. They use specialized equipment to ensure your safety, as well as make sure all mold is removed and will not return. If you have water or mold stains, give A&R Environmental a call today for all your mold remediation and removal needs.

Water Damage Restoration/Cleanup

Water Damage Restoration/Cleanup

Water is known to cause significant damages to properties. Water can spread quickly to other areas of your home or business, wreaking havoc as it goes. Water damages can occur from storm damages, faulty appliances, and plumbing problems. When it comes to water damages, it is crucial that you contact a water removal company such as A&R Environmental quickly. Our team provides 24/7 emergency services for businesses and homes with water damages. Before water removal begins, an inventory will be taken of the affected area. This is crucial for insurance claims. If items were damaged during the water damages, they would be removed to ensure they are dried and cleaned correctly.

Water Removal and Cleanup

Water damage restoration is completed in processes. During the first part, water is removed from the area with large pumps. Once water is removed, the drying process begins. This process is one of the most important, as all water must be dried to ensure mold does not grow. Air movers and dehumidifiers are the most common types of equipment we use for this process. At times we will use a heat-drying system to circulate heated air. The drying process can take some time, depending on the amount of water damages that have occurred. Once the drying is completed, the area will be checked with infrared equipment that can see water beneath floors and between walls. This is a crucial part, as all water has to be removed. Even a drop can cause structural rot and possible mold growth.

Water Restoration Process

Once the area has been thoroughly dried, we will clean the area with antimicrobials. This is completed so that no mold grows and that area is disinfected and safe for people to return to the area. Bacteria, fungus, and viruses can grow if the area is not treated properly. Once the area is treated any repaired can occur to any damaged walls or flooring.
A&R Environmental also provides carpet cleaning in the event your carpet becomes wet from water damages. Cleaning wet carpet is a major process that can take time to complete. If you have recently experienced water damages, give A&R Environmental a call. Our team is certified and licensed to provide complete water damage cleanup and water damage restoration services to both residential and commercial properties.